Is Kim Kardashian for real?

Yesturday driving home I heard Kim Kardashian being interviewed on a S.E. Queensland radio station. Ms. Kardashian proudly boasted to having a ’24 hour glamour team’ to do her hair, makeup, nails and spray tans at her constant beckoning call, calling on them at 3am in the morning if she requires beautifying.

I recall a headline on the front page of an Australian womens magazine a few months ago while in a supermarket checkout line quoting Ms. Kardashian as saying she would rather be plastic than feel ugly. And you just have to put Kim Kardashian and plastic into your search engine to come up with many a debate and before and after photo’s on how friendly she is with her local cosmetic surgeon.

And this is all perfectly fine if this is what she chooses to do, but maybe people who place themselves constantly in the public eye and profit from it could be more aware of the image that they are portraying. I’m sure her life is wonderfully lavish and enjoyable but there is a certain responsibility to being such a public figure and we have to wonder about the effects of this perfected image, not to mention posing naked for playboy and featuring in her very own sex tape, on the everyday girls and women of our society who are bombarded with it (even if self inflicted), when it reflects that this is what they have to achieve in order to be desirable to men or feel good about themselves.

So how do we real women feel good about ourselves and put our best beauty foot forward when submerged amongst this constant perfected celebrity imagery, when we don’t have the funding to pour into preserving, highlighting and perfecting our bodies, faces, hair, teeth, skin, et cetera?

We don’t buy into it.

Avoid those TV shows and movies, with low ratings and ticket sales this brand of celebrity will not prosper as much, and therefore will bombard us less. Avoid the magazines, they do ruin self esteem so don’t support them with your dollar, or if you really love your mags write to the editers, calling for focus on positive celebrity images.

Search out postive celebrity role models and find inspiration there, I might even start a list here that we can all add too. I caught another interview this morning on an Australian TV show called ‘The Circle’ with Joan Collins. Ms collins, still looking fabulous at 78, was asked for her advice on how to be glamerous and replied ‘Have a little bit of mystery, don’t let it all hang out, as it were, and wear lipstick’. When asked what she would say to her younger self, she replied ‘Have more confidence and believe you are special’. Wonderful words of wisdom, I say.

And to quote another positive female role model, Ani Difranco, “So who you gonna be if you can’t be yourself, you can’t get it from TV, you can’t force it on anybody else.”

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