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Say No 4 Kids Petition

Join our petition and say NO for kids….

‘The covers of pornographic publications including so called ’lads mags’ have become more explicit and are now marketed beside the icecreams and lollies at eye level of young children in everyday retail outlets including corner stores, service stations and newsagencies across the country.  It would be illegal to pin this material up in the workplace under the Sex Discrimination Act, so why does the government allow retailers to market this material to children?’

Say No 4 Kids gives YOU the opportunity to speak out and help effect change to the display laws relating to pornography, so that children and young teens aren’t confronted with inappropriate, highly sexualised imagery as they go about their daily lives.

The authority responsible for the laws relating to pornographic material and their display is the Standing Committee of Attorney’s General (SCAG) Censorship Ministers . The SCAG Board is established by the Australian Federal Government, and consists of one representative from each State and Territory.

With your help, Say No 4 Kids intends to inform SCAG that as guardians of the next generation, we want pornographic material removed from view and access of children and young teenagers.  If cigarettes can go back behind the counter, why not porn?

“I think it’s appropriate to keep pornography away from children. I don’t think it’s censorship to keep public space porn free – people still have a choice about when they want to consume it. I don’t feel it’s right to impose pornography on people in the public sphere.” Naomi Wolf

Please take a few minutes to look at our website and sign the online petition. Forward it to your family and friends and/or print the hard copy version and return completed petition forms to P.O. Box 707, Pakenham Victoria 3810.

Say No 4 Kids is not affiliated in any way with any political, religious or vested interest group.  We represent a diverse range of people concerned about the health and wellbeing of children and young teenagers.

2 thoughts on “Say no 4 kids

    1. Hi there, yes there is a plan, get as many people to sign the petition as possible and then provoke local, state and national governments to implement change. The government enforces no porn in workplaces under the ‘sex discrimination act’, and the government has enforced all cigarette products to be kept hidden behind shop counters and are pushing for plain packaging. The governments need to now be made aware of the need to enforce all porn be kept away from childrens eye levels, and from women and men who have no desire for porn images/magazines as they go about their daily lives, buy groceries, petrol or newspapers. People can very easily access porn from many sources if they choose to, we as a society do not need, or benefit from being bombarded by it every where we go. If it’s good enough for adult work places and cigarettes, it’s good enough for our children and us adults of the world who would rather not see these mag’s everywhere.
      So please sign the petition, make people aware of the petition, write to your local, state and national governments calling for change, write to your local newspapers. Together we can make a difference and will be heard. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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