The ugly truth – pornography and the sex industry

This will be 45 minutes of your life that will change forever how you view pornography, the sex industry and all those involved. All adults and teenagers should see this clip (link above) – Pornography Andrea Dworkin 1991.

The porn industry offers nothing useful, positive or productive to our society or our lives, and in fact is steeped in atrocities from beginning to end for all women, gay men and children involved, all those who profit from porn and all who participate through voyeurism.

Many thanks to the fabulous blogs of madradfab  Radical ProFeminist and robertwilliamjensen for posting this clip

If it weren’t for the facts it would be hard to believe that in the 20 years since the making of this video this ‘trade’ has only become more graphic, prolific, readily available via the internet and mainstream via those who glamorise it e.g. ‘Playboy bunnies’. We need to be the change we want to see in this world. We won’t be silent. We won’t be silenced. And as another great blog Anti-Porn Feminists says – let’s be Pro-sex, anti-porn and reclaim dignity, respect and value for women and girls of all classes and all races all around the world.

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