An inspirational man

Tonight I saw a beautiful interview with a young man born with Down’s syndrome on a news/events/comedy show called ‘The Project’. He had starred in the latest ‘Tropfest’ short film festival’s winning film and works 4 half days at a theatre company each week. The interview was about removing the stigma associated with Downs syndrome and raising and educating these children like everyone else so they may go on to live normal lives with jobs, relationships and moving out of the family home. This young man revelled in his acting and his job and in his interview said he was looking forward to moving out on his own and finding someone special, the ‘one’, to share his life with. I had tears in my eyes and Goosebumps at this stage and then he said, “We are all equal, if given the chance”. That’s when my tear clouds burst.

This is what defying any ‘ism’ is about, whether it is treating people differently or ‘less than’ because they are a different race, a different sex (being born female), a different class, or living with a disability. We are all equal, if given the chance

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