Ever thought emails and complaints weren’t worth the effort? For encouragement read on. Here is a Win!

Telstra removes pornographic promotions from Bigpond site after emails from customers

Telstra was exposed

‘We have been hearing from www.collectiveshout.org  supporters for some time about Telstra’s BigPond site. One Telstra customer contacted us in 2011 saying that she found it disturbing how every time she accessed news or the internet on her prepaid phone, Girls Gone Wild and Playboy was “generally the first thing” she saw.

Another customer was confronted with ‘Hot babes direct to U’ and ‘Naughty Half Naked girls’ every time she used mobile phone banking:…

Others have shared similar frustrations and were told by Telstra that there was no way to opt out of the porn ads. Complaints to Telstra had fallen on deaf ears.’….. Read more Win! Telstra removes porn from Bigpond site

And here is the win! We do have the power to promote positive change when we speak up about the exploitation of women and reject being forced to live in a pornified culture.

‘Following negative media and complaints, Telstra has now announced the removal of pornography from their BigPond Website.

As reported by Ruth Limkin on her website Bread and Justice, Telstra CEO David Thodey had this to say:

“Recently, I received emails from customers about content promoted on our BigPond website. Those customers thought we shouldn’t promote adult-orientated movies or videos that objectify women.

I have to agree. We have therefore decided that we will no longer promote access to adult-orientated content through our websites.

Let me put this decision in context. The content accessible via BigPond is mild compared to what’s available on the Internet.  None of it had an ‘R’ rating. In fact, I’m assured you could find more explicit content at your local DVD shop or elsewhere in cyberspace.

However, this is not the real issue! Why, then, have we made this decision?

The simple answer is that promoting content such as this is just not the Telstra thing to do and we cannot support anything that is sexist or that is inconsistent with our values…. Read more Win! Telstra removes porn from Bigpond site

I’m not too sure on his idea of context here; I’ve never gone to do banking before and thought ‘gee some porn options would be nice while I check my balance’. But anyway, Telstra will no longer support nor promote sexist and pornographic content on their bigpond website. win!

Read Ruth’s Full Post  Here breadandjustice.com/2012/04/23/why-telstra-deserves-a-trophy/

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Specialist support needed in schools for kids who are growing up faster

I’ve just read an article by Elissa Doherty from April 23rd 2012 which states “pre-teen girls donning skimpier clothing and wearing make-up has forced a school crackdown.”

So much so that the Victorian Principles Association wants welfare officers in every school to provide specialist support to kids who are embroiled in the complex issues of growing up too fast.

The Australian Childhood Foundation chief executive Dr Joe Tucci said “…young people were being bombarded by adult concepts, and research was showing more 12 to 13-year-olds were engaging in sexual activity.”

With a spokesman for Education Minister Martin Dixon saying “by the end of the Government’s term, two-thirds of primary schools would have a primary welfare officer to support students,” shouldn’t we also be addressing the issues of why this is happening to our kids while we support them through it? Call for Governments to take responsibility and action on the sexualisation of children

You can read the full article at http://m.news.com.au/VIC/pg/2/fi1171963.htm

Collective Shout – a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigns movement mobilising and equipping individuals and groups to target corporations, advertisers, marketers and media which objectify women and sexualise girls to sell products and services.  www.collectiveshout.org    www.melindatankardreist.com

Collective Shout names, shames and exposes corporations, advertisers, marketers and media engaging in practices which are offensive and harmful, especially to women and girls, but also to men and boys.

Collective Shout is for anyone concerned about the increasing pornification of culture and the way its messages have become entrenched in mainstream society, presenting distorted and dishonest ideas about women and girls, sexuality and relationships.

Collective Shout builds on work carried out in recent years around the issue of objectification and sexualisation. This includes research like Australia Institute’s Corporate Paedophilia report, the American Psychological Association’s Taskforce on the Sexualisation of Girls and a number of books – including the newly released Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls.

The harms associated with the increasing sexualisation of childhood and objectification of women have been raised in recent times by community groups such as Kids Free to be Kids, and many others concerned with children’s health and wellbeing.

A common response to issues relating to the objectification and sexualisation of women and girls is ‘What can we do about it?’

People want to act, but get weighed down and frustrated by complicated complaints procedures, a lack of community support and too often, inadequate responses from the targets of their complaints.

Collective Shout makes it easier: we are a ‘one-stop shop’ for concerned people to make their voices heard. Together we are directing the widespread concern on this issue into a series of hard-hitting and targeted campaigns to bring about the change needed.

It’s time for change, so get on board!

Join Collective Shout atwww.collectiveshout.org 

www.facebook.com/collectiveshout  To connect with Collective Shout, sign up for Facebook today. Collective Shout – for a world free of sexploitation. http://www.collectiveshout.org