Ever thought emails and complaints weren’t worth the effort? For encouragement read on. Here is a Win!

Telstra removes pornographic promotions from Bigpond site after emails from customers

Telstra was exposed

‘We have been hearing from www.collectiveshout.org  supporters for some time about Telstra’s BigPond site. One Telstra customer contacted us in 2011 saying that she found it disturbing how every time she accessed news or the internet on her prepaid phone, Girls Gone Wild and Playboy was “generally the first thing” she saw.

Another customer was confronted with ‘Hot babes direct to U’ and ‘Naughty Half Naked girls’ every time she used mobile phone banking:…

Others have shared similar frustrations and were told by Telstra that there was no way to opt out of the porn ads. Complaints to Telstra had fallen on deaf ears.’….. Read more Win! Telstra removes porn from Bigpond site

And here is the win! We do have the power to promote positive change when we speak up about the exploitation of women and reject being forced to live in a pornified culture.

‘Following negative media and complaints, Telstra has now announced the removal of pornography from their BigPond Website.

As reported by Ruth Limkin on her website Bread and Justice, Telstra CEO David Thodey had this to say:

“Recently, I received emails from customers about content promoted on our BigPond website. Those customers thought we shouldn’t promote adult-orientated movies or videos that objectify women.

I have to agree. We have therefore decided that we will no longer promote access to adult-orientated content through our websites.

Let me put this decision in context. The content accessible via BigPond is mild compared to what’s available on the Internet.  None of it had an ‘R’ rating. In fact, I’m assured you could find more explicit content at your local DVD shop or elsewhere in cyberspace.

However, this is not the real issue! Why, then, have we made this decision?

The simple answer is that promoting content such as this is just not the Telstra thing to do and we cannot support anything that is sexist or that is inconsistent with our values…. Read more Win! Telstra removes porn from Bigpond site

I’m not too sure on his idea of context here; I’ve never gone to do banking before and thought ‘gee some porn options would be nice while I check my balance’. But anyway, Telstra will no longer support nor promote sexist and pornographic content on their bigpond website. win!

Read Ruth’s Full Post  Here breadandjustice.com/2012/04/23/why-telstra-deserves-a-trophy/

www.collectiveshout.org                                                                                                              http://collectiveshout.org/2012/04/win-telstra-removes-porn-from-bigpond-site/   http://collectiveshout.org/2012/03/telstra-babes-why-is-the-telco-hosting-porn/

6 thoughts on “Ever thought emails and complaints weren’t worth the effort? For encouragement read on. Here is a Win!

  1. Porn is not sexist, and people who make porn do so willingly at their own discretion, which is far from exploitation. Also, we aren’t really talking about porn here – half-naked women are just that, half-naked women.

    Is same-sex porn sexist? If it’s a woman watching porn, is that sexist too? No, of course not…

    This doesn’t change anything anyway. The only change this will have is entirely in the minds of the offended-by-everything-and-nothing-better-to-do people, the Christians/religious who want to dictate to the rest of the population what they can or cannot partake in or watch, and the insecure and bitter women who are jealous of the porn stars and their physical assets.

    Roughly 30% of online porn traffic is by women, but do you hear men complaining about being objectified? No, because they aren’t so closed-minded and understand that porn is not a one-way thing.

    1. Hi Peter, firstly – this is not about seeking porn on the internet, go for it honey, we all have free choice, men women and teenagers, I am not an anti-porn christian/religious person who wants to dictate to the rest of the population what they can or cannot partake in in their private lives, free choice. and if participants in porn are willing and not being hurt or degraded or dehuminised, each to their own. I am not denying that some women watch porn or 30%, that is free choice.

      I am talking about my right and many other womens, childrens and mens rights to not have to partake in porn and porn advertisement on a daily basis while going about our normal lives.

      Plenty of porn is available via the internet, sex shops and online stores, it is easily and readily accessible. no-one is saying anything about that. those of us who are speaking up are sick of having no choice when it comes to these images inundating us with detrimental effects.

      And i am not ‘jealous’ of porn stars assets. I don’t idealise those women and try to mimick them to find my own sexy self. i find that within my own sexy self. And i actually have amazing women in the public eye that i look up to instead. so peter, not everyone wants porn in their everyday lives and that of our children. if people want to access it, go for your life, just give the rest of us our right to choice and free will.
      I’ve seen many comments like yours from other porn defending men who completely miss the point of what we are saying. The facts are – You want porn, have it, just stop expecting us to sit back and be quiet while our society becomes consumed with it in mainstream culture.
      And for all others who misconstrue our point, guess i’ll have to write a post on it to refer all future comments like this.
      Thanks peter for your opinion, allow us the right to have ours.

  2. I didn’t expect a decent reply, so creds for that.

    There is a bit of inconsistency in your comments though, in respect to your post. You say porn exploits women and is sexist, yet you say you’re not anti-porn.

    I agree that such material shouldn’t be promoted in plain sight of all, as many don’t want to see it and I agree that they shouldn’t have to. But in this case, rather than have the material somehow moved or restricted, it was removed altogether. Basically, that is removing free choice. You are removing the choice for someone to access that content entirely, which is an over-reaction.

    In my case, I’m gay, so to be honest I have no interest in the material that was removed, but I have to defend the free choice of the men that do and the women who make a living from it.

    Hide it from plain sight? Yes. Remove it entirely? No.

    1. Firstly, I’m not some sexual prude trying to ruin everyone’s fun and stop people enjoying their sex lives in ways they see fit, providing, the participants are willing and no one is being hurt, degraded, humiliated or dehumanised. And they are not pushing it onto everyone else. Sadly this speaks for very little of the porn industry.
      I am not an anti-porn campaigner providing the participants are willing and no one is being hurt, degraded, humiliated or dehumanised. And they are not pushing it onto everyone else.
      I do not use porn in my own sex life, call me old fashioned but I just love to make love to the one I love. Porn is an anti-aphrodisiac for me, but that is me and this is my choice not to have porn and porn imagery in my life. Whatever anyone else wants to do in their sex life is their choice providing the participants are willing and no one is being hurt, degraded, humiliated or dehumanised. And they are not pushing it onto everyone else.
      I realise I’m circling here, but want to be clear and also want to add this link to show the ugly side of the ‘women who make money?’ from the porn industry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9j7-zZks08&feature=youtu.be How will these women recover, who is there for them, who cares? I know I care, their stories and many other women’s stories, pierce through to the core of my humanness.
      As for porn being sexist and degrading to women, I’m sorry Peter but the majority of it is, and that is when I will speak up; when this sexism is encroaching on the rest of our non-porn-viewing world.
      I realise you are gay but have you walked into a newsagent or even supermarket lately and seen some of the porn mags headlines are, I don’t see how language like slut, filthy, whore, etc is women-positive, but as a woman I do see this as sexist and degrading.
      The majority of mainstream porn and the images in our pornified culture are blatantly sexist and degrading and yes do depict one ‘type’ of woman. This is not healthy imagery to be constantly feeding our society and our children, that women =object for sexual gratification to be displayed in anyway and spoken about or to in anyway. Here is an excerpt from ‘the beauty myth’ by Naomi Wolf “‘Censorship applies to what kind of sexual imagery and information can circulate: Sexual violence against women is not seen by censors as being obscene, whereas female sexual curiosity is. British and Canadian law interpret obscenity as the presence of an erect penis, not of vulvas and breasts; and an erection, writes Susan G. Cole in ‘Pornography and the sex crisis’, is, “according to American mores, not the kind of thing a distributer can put on the newsstands next to ‘Time’.” Masters and Johnston, asked in Playboy magazine to comment on the average penis size, censored their findings: They “flatly refused,” worrying that it would have a “negative effect on Playboy’s readers,” and that “every man would walk around with a measuring stick.” This version of censorship policed the same decades that saw the pornography industry’s unparalleled growth: In Sweden, where the sale of violently misogynist pornography is defended on the grounds of freedom of expression, “When a magazine appeared with a nude male centrefold with a flaccid penis, the authorities whisked it off the stalls within a matter of hours”.’
      ‘When men control women’s sexuality, they are safe from sexual evaluation….. With women experimenting sexually, men risked hearing what women hear everyday: that there are sexual standards against which they might be compared. Their fears are exaggerated: Even with sexual freedom, women maintain a strict code of etiquette. “Never,” enjoins a women’s magazine, “mention the size of his [penis] in public…. and never, ever let him know that anyone else knows or you may find it shrivels up and disappears, serving you right.” That quotation acknowledges that critical sexual comparison is a direct anaphrodesiac when applied to men; either we do not yet recognise that it has exactly the same effect on women, or we do not care, or we understand on some level that right now that effect is desirable and appropriate.’
      So to say that women aren’t harmed by these images in many ways is naive or serving a purpose for men. Naomi hits the facts hard and to name just one of them, an educated and conscious mind has to realise that this pornified culture is hurting women. She reports that ‘The American Anorexia and Bulimia Association states that anorexia and bulimia strike a million American women every year; 30,000, it reports, also become emetic abusers. Each year, according to the association, 150,000 American women die of anorexia. If so, every twelve months there are 17,024 more deaths in the United States alone than the total number of deaths from AIDS tabulated by the World Health Organisation in 177 countries and territories from the of the epidemic until the end of 1988; if so, more (women) die of anorexia in the United States each year than died in ten years of civil war in Beirut.’ The statistics go on and on and on of this and other effects of beauty-pornography on women, just do a little bit of research online of the statistics of the drastic rise of cosmetic surgery in under 18 year old women alone.
      Naomi further states that ‘Advertising aimed at women works by lowering our self-esteem.’ So the question can be asked, do men want to have a partner and lover who has healthy self esteem and feels good about her sexuality or with one who thinks she is un-worthy and inadequate and is unable to fully enjoy, explore and express her beauty and sexuality within that relationship. If I was a man I would certainly choose the former.
      In ‘beyond the beauty myth’ Naomi says, ‘The idea that a woman’s body has boundaries that must not be violated is fairly new. And we evidently haven’t taken it far enough. Can we extend that idea? Or are women destined to be shaped, cut, rated and subjected to physical invasion and degradation. Does the female body deserve the same notion of integrity as the male body? What is female sexuality – what does it look like? Does it bear any relation to the way in which commercial and pornographic images represent it? The inadequacy of the female flesh stands in for the older inadequacy of the female mind. Women asserted that there was nothing inferior about their minds; are our bodies really inferior?’”
      And the censors view on what is obscene; “‘The Ontario Police Project P held that photos of naked women tied up, bruised, and bleeding, intended for sexual purposes were not obscene since there were no erect penises, but a Canadian women’s film was banned for a five-second shot of an erect penis being fitted with a condom. In New York subways, metropolitan policemen confiscated handmade anti-AIDS posters that showed illiterate people how to put a condom over an erect penis; they left the adjacent ads for Penthouse, displayed by the New York City Transit Authority, intact.’” – ‘The Beauty Myth’ Naomi wolf
      If this wasn’t in our face at every turn, the majority of us wouldn’t have a problem with it (and providing the participants are willing and no one is being hurt, degraded, humiliated or dehumanised). But it is in our face everywhere. The censors tell us to censor ourselves and our children, and while we can change the channel or not watch the movie or music video clips, and stay away from places that might offend and not go to the porn sites on the internet, etc, short of blinding ourselves we do have to suffer this imagery and advertising when we go to get petrol or buy food, buy school supplies from the newsagent, walk down the street with billboards and bus advertisements and posters, or go onto bigpond site to pay bills or check emails, wham again, in your face porn advertisements, and explicit ones using derogative language towards women.
      It isn’t necessary, porn is sooo easy to find if you want it, so so easy. Yet if you want to avoid it where do you go? Where do you look? Where do you shop?
      And I think we are actually in agreeance anyway; Hide it from plain sight.
      And I have had the pleasure of having many dear gay men in my life and would like to add that I am also against the sexual exploitation and degradation of men, and do not partake in anything of the like. And as a feminist – who loves men and has a beautiful boyfriend, I’m frankly against any ism. I will always speak up against sexism, racism, classism, gayism for it is all about decency and respect and equal value of human life. And yes, free choice.
      I also want to elaborate on the ‘One type of woman’ depicted in mainstream porn and pornified culture inundating our society – as it is actually creating a lot of physical and mental health issues in a large majority of girls, teenage girls, young women and women, not just in Australia, but in the western world. Call this majority of western girls and women ‘insecure, bitter and jealous’ or ask why such a tragic cultural crisis is happening to these females of our race, and the research will suggest a world saturated in these pornified images of woman is detrimental (singular use of woman; as the main image is of certain age, race and shape);
      “The American Psychological Associations view on the effects of this sexualisation and inequality towards women reveals, ‘Cognitive and emotional consequences’ noting ‘Studies have found that thinking about the body and comparing it to sexualized cultural ideals may disrupt a girl’s mental concentration, and a girl’s sexualisation or objectification may undermine her confidence in and comfort with her own body, leading to emotional and self-image problems, such as shame and anxiety. In regards to ‘Mental and physical health’ they state that ‘Research has linked sexualisation with three of the most common mental health problems diagnosed in girls and women: eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression or depressed mood.’ They go on to say ‘Some psychologists and feminists argue that such sexual objectification can lead to negative psychological effects including depression and hopelessness, and can give women negative self-images’ and that ‘The precise degree to how objectification has affected women and society in general is a topic of academic debate.’ They also reference ‘Pro-feminist cultural critics such as Robert Jensen and Sut Jhally of accusing mass media and advertising of promoting the objectification of women to help promote goods and services.’”
      recently released guidelines
      Corporate Pedophilia
      reported that
      Australia’s body image crisis

      “Killing Us Softly,”
      Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image.
      Say No 4 Kids Petition
      “To live in a culture in which women are routinely naked where men aren’t is to learn inequality in little ways all day long.”Naomi Wolf
      To cite a few…
      Thanks Peter, I appreciate you taking the time to discuss where I/many women are coming from and why we are speaking up for positive change. I know I could go into so much more detail but then this would be a novel…
      Blessings, Lily 

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