The voice of good men speaking up. This is really thought provoking about what being a man means. Written by a beautiful man and father – “A real man has empathy for others, feels his emotions, and wants to help others in trouble no matter what that trouble is. Real men look for ways to promote nonviolence and uplift all people. Real men look for solutions to the problems the world is having right now. Real men don’t bully, demean, or use violence; those things have never helped the world. Real men educate other men about respect, kindness and empathy. Remember, respect is treating others how THEY want to be treated, as long as it’s not violent. Real men stand up for what is right, even when everyone else is doing the wrong thing. Real men use their knowledge and their strength to help and assist women, not lead and control them. As we walked into the house I pondered the questions I still hadn’t answered. But you know, if all men stood up, spoke up, and began being a “real man” – I wonder if those questions wouldn’t become obsolete….I’d like to think so.”


Why does it have to be like that?

My son came home and asked if I knew how to play football. Let me start out by saying, I don’t like football, I don’t play football, and I’m not too happy about the violence or view of masculinity that football promotes.  But hey, this is a teachable moment and an opportunity to spend some quality time with my son – I was definitely not going to pass this up. In the middle of conversations about passing, fumbles, and touch downs I asked him why he had never told me he was interested in football before.

His answer shook me to the core:       Because the other kids at P.E. said that I was a Faggot and an F-word idiot if I didn’t play football. They said I wasn’t a real boy and I should go play with the stupid girls because that’s…

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Australia, not so good for prostituted children

A child sex trafficking ring has been uncovered in Sydney, with a 19 year old woman arrested and her 22 year old sister rearrested (after already being accused of charging men money to engage in sexual acts with two young girls, 12 and 13 years of age). With another five girls believed to be involved between the ages of 12 and 16.

Police believe this operation has been running for a minimum of two years, with Liverpool Local Area commander Ray King, a police officer for a long time, saying he has never been so disgusted over what detectives have uncovered.

“These are children that have been abused and manipulated,” Superintendent King told reporters on Thursday.

“We don’t know how they will be in 20 years. It’s quite traumatic.”

Some of these girls would have been vulnerable and living on the streets

The younger sister is expected to be charged along with 3 male ‘customers’.

This is a worldwide travesty against our children, young teen girls and women, this has to stop!

We are supposed to be the lucky country, yet these kids are far from lucky. This trade of girls’ and women’s bodies and souls has to stop, everywhere. These are human beings. As a collective we need to start healing women instead of destroying us. As a collective we need to take a good look at this society’s overt sexualisation of women and girls and see where it is getting us. We live in the 21st century, we are supposed to be civilised. And as a society we need to listen to these women and girls, we need to hear them and do what we can.


Friday 25th may – Police have charged them with a total of 50 sexual assault, child sex and child prostitution offences dating back to November 2008.


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Sports Minister Kate Lundy calls Lingerie Football League an “assault on sport”

 As Minister for Sport, I can’t abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia.

Austalian Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy, has published an article on saying among many things, that:

It offends me that the promoters are hiding behind the guise of LFL being a ‘sport’. Lingerie Football objectifies and exploits women by trading on their sexuality to make money pure and simple. The LFL perverts the concept of ‘sport’ to make a profit and in doing so the promoters abandon the concept that sport should be a celebration of great athletic talent to inspire the next generation of kids to give it a go.

Thank you Kate Lundy for finally speaking up about this sexually gratuitous spectacle under the guise of empowering women in sport.

However the Lingerie Football League Founder Mitch Mortaza is not impressed, tweeting earlier on his discovery of the Sports Ministers thoughts on the LFL, that;

 My office issuing a statement shortly to respectfully address PM of Sport Kate Lundy’s irresponsible and insulting comments. #LFL <>

Many Australians support what our Sports Minister has said, we do not want the sexploitation of the LFL in Australia. It’s time to think of our children, teenagers and the rest of the women in our society outside of the LFL, as Kate Lundy says:

“We can do so much better than LFL. And most importantly, our daughters deserve more.”

To read more of Kate Lundy’s article go to

And if you haven’t already, sign the petition, let your voice be heard Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

For more info go to

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Queensland Premiers advice over Lingerie Football League; “voice your concerns to LFL in the USA.” But Mr. Premier, we are in Australia…

So what are we to do?

The Australian Sports Association (ASC), in response to concerns for the Lingerie Football League in Australia, stated that their work includes

“promoting the Essence of Australian Sport initiative which defines the core principles of sport in Australia – Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Safety. Your concerns of Lingerie Football being detrimental to the image of female elite athletes, community and amateur athletes are appreciated. The Commission does not recognise Lingerie Football and therefore does not provide any support to this organisation or the sport.”

And directed my concerns to the Australian government.

Today I recieved my first and only response from a member of Australian Parliament, the Honourable Campbell Newman, thank you Mr Newman for responding, however, when I contacted you I expressed that “whilst the ASC  may not consider LFL a ‘sport’, the government should still hold the same responsibilities to its people as set out by the ASC on there government website on sexploitation. And Mr. Newman’s Response was:

Please be assured that the Queensland Government does not recognise lingerie football as a sport, and does not provide any support to the LFL. You may voice your concerns on this issue directly to the event promoter

This seems to be what’s called ‘passing the buck’ to me. And I really can’t see the LFL in America listening to li’l ole me in Australia when they don’t even pay wages, medical bills or provide proper protective clothing for what is a full contact sport to the women they ’employ’.

What is clear out of both the ASC and Premier Newmans responses is that this is up to us, the Australian people.

If you do not want Lingerie Football League in Australia, the only way to stop it is to petition all corporate hosts, sponsors and promoters to withdraw all support for the LFL so that it does not go ahead in Australia. Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

For more information on the LFL and how to stop it from coming to Australia go to and

This is about as sexist as it gets

Today’s Herald Sun featured an article by Australian women’s activist and co-founder Melinda Tankard Reist, reiterating all the reasons we should not let Lingerie Football League (LFL) come to Australia.

WHEN a man plays gridiron – or American football – he is dressed for maximum protection to ensure safety in a game known for its raw physicality. His body is covered, with little exposed flesh, to minimise injury.

It’s not the kind of game a man would consider playing in his underwear. That would just be dumb, right? But it seems rules are different if you are a woman playing for the Lingerie Football League (LFL). The less clothing the better. In fact, it’s a requirement of the game.

LFL is blatant sexualisation and sexism, while promoting violence towards near naked, physically unprotected women, with outrageous clauses for maximum boob and bum exposure with little or no pay and the whole family is invited!

Brisbane Entertainment Centre and Allphones Arena Sydney are offering family tickets for two adults and two juniors aged two to 12 years. Never too early to teach children what women are good for.

Yet fan’s of the sport must think it’s credible right, that they are watching real female athletes?

One male sports blogger says LFL is “the closest we will get to live stadium porno” and admitted: “I just would never go to a game to watch their athletic talent.”

Melinda goes on to rightly assert:

This exploitation of women’s bodies for profit undermines real sportswomen. Mainstreaming stripper-style representations of women – including in sport – sets back the cause of equality and fair treatment.

CONTINUING to depict women in sexualised roles – including on the sports field – dashes our hopes of growing a generation of empowered young women. It reinforces the notion that if a young woman wants to play sport she has to bare her flesh and be publicly sexual. Already many girls avoid playing sport because of body-image concerns.

Fortunately, the Australian Sports Commission does not recognise lingerie football. It says the LFL does not adhere to the “core principles of sport in Australia – fairness, respect, responsibility and safety”.

However, it can’t do anything to stop it. That’s why we have to. are calling for all corporate sponsors including the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Allphones Stadium Sydney, Telecafe, Seven Yahoo, Yahoo Sports and Triple M to withdraw all support for these events so they do not go ahead.

Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy is also being lobbied to intervene. Tell these companies that trading in the bodies of underpaid semi-naked women who risk injury for male entertainment does not constitute sport.

Sign the petition and stop Lingerie Football League  from coming to Australia.

Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

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Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia updates

It’s been 3 days since the LFL petition went up and already more than 600 signatures, 1 promoter has pulled out and today the Herald Sun | Latest Melbourne & Victoria News | HeraldSun ran an article on the petition called Outcry over Lingerie Football League’s planned Australian visit’ More at

And last look, just as many men are signing as women, thank you good men for speaking up also. Let’s keep the momentum going. Australia does not need another organisation that sexualises and exploits women, as Dr Eileen Zurbriggen member of the American Psychological Association Task Force reminds us, “As a society, we need to replace all these sexualized images with ones showing girls in positive settings. The goal should be to deliver messages to all adolescent boys and girls that lead to healthy sexual development”.

America has Gridiron, we have Rugby league, and we are a large female footy playing nation already, with teams vying for the Women’s Rugby League World Cup | Facebook (ok, so not me, more of the creative type who tends to have butter fingers around balls, but). Let’s give these female athletes of Australian football some focus instead, they warrant the air time far more than the latest sexploitation-money-machine out of America. Australian Womens Rugby League – SportingPulse

If you haven’t signed already, do so now and tell people you know. It only takes 1 minute for your voice to be heard. Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia For more information go to:

Sign petition to Stop Lingerie Football League from coming to Australia

Lingerie football league is coming our way.  Promotional matches will be held in Brisbane and Sydney in June, with the official lauch  planned for 2013. Unless we say No. have a petition up and ready to go, all the information you need to know is there.

The reason for the petition? It will be sent to the following promoters and hosts of LFL in Australia –

  • Telecafe
  • 7 Yahoo Sports
  • Live Guide
  • Our Festivals Australia
  • Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Allphones Stadium Sydney

We call on all who are involved in hosting, promoting, advertising or otherwise supporting the LFL to withdraw such support immediately. 

Cancel the events. Pull the advertising. Withdraw from promotional deals.

The Lingerie Football League must not go ahead in Australia.

Sign now

“This is objectification at its most pernicious — give women an opportunity to participate in a sport that they haven’t had the chance to do for pay and publicly previously, but only let them do it if they are stereotypically pretty and willing to do it in their underwear” says Courtney Martin 

“The game itself of course is based on physical activity, but the hype surrounding it and the target audience are not generally attending to support sport but to be ‘entertained’ by women running around in their lingerie getting hot and sweaty and getting physical with one another,” University of Sydney sports management, Professor Tracy Taylor said in The Brisbane Times  

“While many of the players in the existing league are athletes they are certainly not taken seriously in North America and I can not see how the introduction of the league here would be good for women’s sport.”, Professor Taylor 

“This League is sexist and demeaning to all women. In a society where women have been seeking and starting to secure equal rights and respect on and off the sporting field, this development undoes so much of the hard work being done by many sporting organizations across the country.” Australian WomenSport and Recreation Association president Janice Crosswhite stated in an ASC media release

Read more: Collective Shout against LFL 

We don’t want sexualised sport in Australia


Another example of under-representation and nude representation of women, while neglecting the talent of artists due to their femaleness. including a great little list of galleries that do support female artists.

Melissa Huang: Musings on Art and Gender

Check out this article about the discrimination women still face in the art world. Did you know that of the twelve prestigious Gagosian Galleries only one will exhibit work by women in 2012? How about the fact that 97% of the Met’s modern art was created by men, while 83% of the nudes are women?

Many people are unaware that women are underrepresented and underpaid in the art world. The problem is not that women’s work is not as good, it’s not that women are not promoting themselves as well, and it’s certainly not that there are less of us. The problem is that so many of the people running our museums and galleries are biased against women, and push men’s work to the forefront while dismissing work by women.

It’s important that we know this. Because things will not change until we at least acknowledge the problem.


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This is another reason why I listen to and love Triple J (most of the time). I am a singer songwriter and LOVE music, but mainstream music and music videos are filled with Misogyny, sexism and objectification. This is on morning TV on several channels in Australia on the weekends and on the most popular tweens, teens and adult radio stations. Talk to your sons and daughters and show them another side to music and another side to themselves, it is so easy for them to see all the glamour portayed that glosses it over, but as the old saying goes; all that glitters is not gold.

Some Other Ramblings

In my place of work (once it has closed to the public), we inevitably listen to the monotonous tones of a radio station that despite not being based in the CAPITAL city, decides to pretend that it is, so names itself thus.

This radio station plays the same playlist on a seemingly unshuffled from week-to-week basis, and it did not take me long to start listening to what all the ‘rappers’ and ‘singers’ were talking about.

The vast majority of the time: Women.

Now this in itself is obviously not a bad thing, but like the adult style comedy hidden underneath a seemingly innocent Disney film, there’s always an underlying message.

In a 2hr subjection to the so called ‘music’, I heard a few songs in particular that bothered me. One of these said songs was ‘International Love’ which appears to feature some breed of dog as the leading artist…

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