This is another reason why I listen to and love Triple J (most of the time). I am a singer songwriter and LOVE music, but mainstream music and music videos are filled with Misogyny, sexism and objectification. This is on morning TV on several channels in Australia on the weekends and on the most popular tweens, teens and adult radio stations. Talk to your sons and daughters and show them another side to music and another side to themselves, it is so easy for them to see all the glamour portayed that glosses it over, but as the old saying goes; all that glitters is not gold.

Some Other Ramblings

In my place of work (once it has closed to the public), we inevitably listen to the monotonous tones of a radio station that despite not being based in the CAPITAL city, decides to pretend that it is, so names itself thus.

This radio station plays the same playlist on a seemingly unshuffled from week-to-week basis, and it did not take me long to start listening to what all the ‘rappers’ and ‘singers’ were talking about.

The vast majority of the time: Women.

Now this in itself is obviously not a bad thing, but like the adult style comedy hidden underneath a seemingly innocent Disney film, there’s always an underlying message.

In a 2hr subjection to the so called ‘music’, I heard a few songs in particular that bothered me. One of these said songs was ‘International Love’ which appears to feature some breed of dog as the leading artist…

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