Queensland Premiers advice over Lingerie Football League; “voice your concerns to LFL in the USA.” But Mr. Premier, we are in Australia…

So what are we to do?

The Australian Sports Association (ASC), in response to concerns for the Lingerie Football League in Australia, stated that their work includes

“promoting the Essence of Australian Sport initiative which defines the core principles of sport in Australia – Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Safety. Your concerns of Lingerie Football being detrimental to the image of female elite athletes, community and amateur athletes are appreciated. The Commission does not recognise Lingerie Football and therefore does not provide any support to this organisation or the sport.”

And directed my concerns to the Australian government.

Today I recieved my first and only response from a member of Australian Parliament, the Honourable Campbell Newman, thank you Mr Newman for responding, however, when I contacted you I expressed that “whilst the ASC  may not consider LFL a ‘sport’, the government should still hold the same responsibilities to its people as set out by the ASC on there government website on sexploitation. And Mr. Newman’s Response was:

Please be assured that the Queensland Government does not recognise lingerie football as a sport, and does not provide any support to the LFL. You may voice your concerns on this issue directly to the event promoter www.lflus.com/contact

This seems to be what’s called ‘passing the buck’ to me. And I really can’t see the LFL in America listening to li’l ole me in Australia when they don’t even pay wages, medical bills or provide proper protective clothing for what is a full contact sport to the women they ’employ’.

What is clear out of both the ASC and Premier Newmans responses is that this is up to us, the Australian people.

If you do not want Lingerie Football League in Australia, the only way to stop it is to petition all corporate hosts, sponsors and promoters to withdraw all support for the LFL so that it does not go ahead in Australia. Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

For more information on the LFL and how to stop it from coming to Australia go to www.collectiveshout.org and www.melindatankardreist.com

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