Sports Minister Kate Lundy calls Lingerie Football League an “assault on sport”

 As Minister for Sport, I can’t abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia.

Austalian Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy, has published an article on saying among many things, that:

It offends me that the promoters are hiding behind the guise of LFL being a ‘sport’. Lingerie Football objectifies and exploits women by trading on their sexuality to make money pure and simple. The LFL perverts the concept of ‘sport’ to make a profit and in doing so the promoters abandon the concept that sport should be a celebration of great athletic talent to inspire the next generation of kids to give it a go.

Thank you Kate Lundy for finally speaking up about this sexually gratuitous spectacle under the guise of empowering women in sport.

However the Lingerie Football League Founder Mitch Mortaza is not impressed, tweeting earlier on his discovery of the Sports Ministers thoughts on the LFL, that;

 My office issuing a statement shortly to respectfully address PM of Sport Kate Lundy’s irresponsible and insulting comments. #LFL <>

Many Australians support what our Sports Minister has said, we do not want the sexploitation of the LFL in Australia. It’s time to think of our children, teenagers and the rest of the women in our society outside of the LFL, as Kate Lundy says:

“We can do so much better than LFL. And most importantly, our daughters deserve more.”

To read more of Kate Lundy’s article go to

And if you haven’t already, sign the petition, let your voice be heard Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

For more info go to

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