Men against sexism publish Lingerie Football Article

The wonderful Dr Michael Flood from the Australian ‘men against sexism’ website has published an article on the Lingerie Football League coming to Australia – ‘LFL, what is it really about and do we want it in Australia”

xyonline is a fantastic website for men who desire a just society for both men and women, please check them out on the above link and view the article at

And thank you so much good men of Australia for supporting our campaign to stop the LFL from coming to Australia xx

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7 thoughts on “Men against sexism publish Lingerie Football Article

  1. Watch this video on the Lingerie Football league how this Mitch Mortaza treats the womne who played in the leage then ask if you want this there in Austalia……

    1. Thanks Clevelandsports360, it is shocking, I addressed this in my article for xyonline, and all the other poor treatment and lack of decency Mortaza has for his players. We are getting the word out in Australia, and thanks to you guys; for this information as been important to us in exposing Mortaza for who he really is and is lack of decency towards the players he is making a fortune out of. In a recent interview on The Circle Channel 10 Australia, Mortaza gave a very well rehearsed speech apparently to slam all that we are saying about him and his league – even bringing up the David Beckham underwear advertisments telling us this is parallel to his league??? Can you imaging Beckham playing soccer in his underwear. Mortaza truly is the King of spin. We aren’t buying it!
      Thanks again to you and Larry for all your support for our campaign in Australia

  2. Special addition of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show Monday Night June 11th 6:00 pm from the United States. Exposing the LFL for what it really is, former LFL players talk about how they were treated by Mitchell Mortaza the man who runs the Lingerie Football League and a special guest live from Australia. Don’t miss this show if you really want to see the type of person you are dealing with in Mortaza. It is 6:00 pm June 11th 2012 ao it would be Tuesday morning in Australia…..

  3. Thanks for dawing my attention to that site, never knew about it.Very interesting to (finally) see men being interested in feminism and women’s rights. It was hight time since without the men’s voice this discussion is pretty pointless.

    1. Thanks Bernadett, and so very true, thank the goddess good men are joining our mission and speaking up for a more just society. Also check out NOMAS – national organistaion of men against sexism

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