How contemporary culture creates sexist men

Explicit imagery of women that we are faced with daily, negatively impacting on women’s body image and sense of self, while, as ‘The Bro Code’ says conditioning men to dehumanize and disrespect women, creating a sexist culture.

Enough is enough, things have to change. Those profiting off exploiting and sexualising women’s bodies won’t stop on integrity and decency’s behalf. Men – it is up to you to stop benefiting from it and buying into it. Women – stay brave, stay strong and keep speaking up for the return of our dignity. And what of the women that take part in this pornified culture, in the images in ‘The Bro Code’ preview, in our society? Read the article below


In a culture with widespread sexual objectification, women (especially) tend to view themselves as objects of desire for others… Pop culture sells women and girls a hurtful fiction that their value lies in how sexy they appear to others; they learn at a very young age that their sexuality is for others…

This unfortunately leads to a society where some women think they have to be as sexy, sexual and readily available as they can be to compete with the imagery they are inundated with daily, to feel good about themselves, to find their value in this pornified culture. A vicious cycle breeding disposable women, as youth as well as sexualisation is dominent in this culture.

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2 thoughts on “How contemporary culture creates sexist men

  1. Reblogged this on opt4 and commented:
    I know every person and exspecially every woman, has said it…why do men act like that?

    The answer: Because we taught them to.

    But who is the “WE”? Women? Men? YES!

    The society that boys grow up in teach them how to be sexist and misogynistic and see woman as such. Now most parents will say…I didn’t do that to him. Of course you did.

    What this video and the longer video that this is an exert of is not that surprising to me. Why? Because this is how I was raised. Check out the previous articles I’ve written about my life and my kids’ life….this socialization happens every minute and second a boys is walking the world. Is it ok? Of course not…but it is normal.

    By saying it is normal does not mean that I condone it in any way shape, or form. On the contrary….I abhor this type of conditioning and blatant brainwashing, but it is what is happening right now.

    Now the question is, what are YOU going to do about it?
    Write the editors of overtly sexist and mysoginistic material. (100’s of letters do the trick)
    E-mail the editors/producers/creators of this stuff. (100’s of letters, 100’s of e-mails)
    Be inconvienient and say somethign EVERY single time someone says or does something….you’re being heard by the boys and men, but you won’t feel like it.
    Talk to the men in your life. Show them videos like “Killing us Softly”, “The man Box” by A call to Men, or Tough Guys by Jackson Katz, Codes of Gender, Ms. Represented.

    Men ARE socialized to become the “normal” masculine testosterone drunk sex minded power and control hungry males we are use to seeing…..BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

    Educate men on their own socialization.
    Educate men on what women go through on a daily basis.
    Educate men on what struggles women have had to do.
    Educate men on power and control.
    Educate men on healthy relationships.
    Educate men on life in general and respect, kindness, emotions, etc.
    The more we educate, the more we fight to end this nonsense once and for all!

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