Women’s rights are Human rights

Two important campaigns for women’s human rights need support and awareness. Profiting from, benefiting from exploitation, and the depraved sexualisation of women’s bodies is never okay. Never! As human beings we must take a stance to stop these travesties.  Women and girls are people too, women and girls are human beings too, stand up and speak up for our human rights.

Child sex trafficking victim Sara Kruzan is currently serving a life sentence in jail for shooting her pimp when she was 16 years old. This was after 3 horrific years of forced prostitution, rape, violence and degradation, yes from when she was a child of 13 years of age. Sara is a survivor of horrific crimes and has now spent more than half her life in jail, Read her story and sign and share the petition so Sara Kruzan may finally be free http://www.change.org/petitions/support-freedom-of-human-trafficking-victim-sara-kruzan

Prostitution needs to be abolished, those who pimp women and buy women’s bodies for sex need to pay for their crimes. The degradation of prostitution is not a path women choose willingly, it is something they are forced and coerced into. If you don’t believe me? If you don’t believe prostituted women who are speaking up for their human rights? Maybe this 1 minute video by menagpro.org will help you understand. http://www.menagpro.org/a-change-of-perspective/

Please watch and share. Things need to change and we must be that change together

13 thoughts on “Women’s rights are Human rights

  1. ONWARDS!!! Great, Lily. That video is fantastic. It hits the nail on the head. I hope Sara is freed…surely she will. Fingers crossed. x

  2. Reblogged this on opt4 and commented:
    Can we please stand behind the people that are trying to change this world for the better…I certainly hope we all can!

    1. Thank you!! I certainly hope so too. Blessings to you for being one who is to trying to change this world for the better, and for standing behind others who are too 🙂

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