Urgent Action Alert for Lingerie Football League Australia

There’s still a high risk that the Lingerie Football League will try to expand to Australia forming teams here next year. Only this time it will be permanent and it’s time for our government to act on it and not just remain silent.
OurSay.org is giving us the opportunity to directly ask Prime Minister Gillard to stop this from happening.
This Saturday, Julia Gillard will answer three of the most popular questions as chosen through OurSay. One of these questions could be ours.We’ve already asked a question on this civic engagement platform and you can vote by following these simple steps to make sure that we have a seat at the table:
1) Sign up for OurSay.org at http://oursay.org/register/
2) Vote Seven times for our question at http://oursay.org/s/29e
3) Recruit a friend to do exactly the same http://oursay.org/s/29e

We only have until this Thursday the 19th to vote but, if we all come together we could make sure that our issue is being heard by Prime Minister Gillard and all of Australia On Saturday the 21st of July.

Thank you for your support – Sign up now and vote seven times, this is our chance to be heard.

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