Doves ‘Real Beauty’ campaign discredited. When your company is affiliated with Lynx (who blatantly highly sexualise and exploit women in their marketing campaigns) under parent company Unilever, you lose all credibility in endorsing ‘Real Beauty’ and instead, contribute to a society filled with mixed messages on how we should view our bodies and feel about our sexualities. Don’t buy into it and don’t buy it. As consumers we hold the power. “We’ve demonstrated that it doesn’t matter what the exposure is, whether it’s general TV watching in the evening, or magazines, or ads showing on a computer. If the image is appearance-focused and sends a clear message about a woman’s body as an object, then it’s going to affect women.” Postdoctoral researcher Shelly Grabe
“Amazingly, some argue that media is not to blame for body image problems, instead blaming parents if their kids aren’t resilient. This meta-analysis, which looked at 77 studies and over 15,000 participants, proves otherwise. The researchers say despite all the body image initiatives, media images have more impact on girls and women than the did in the 90’s. Industry must be held accountable.” (BodyMatters Australasia facebook)
Your buying habits can and do change the world Think twice before you buy. Buy with your conscience not with marketers and corporations vested interests.

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