The 2012 Olympics and Sexism

With all the broadcasting of the 2012 Olympics one thing is certain, not which country is winning the most medals, not which athletes are performing amazing athletic feats, but that Sexism of and against women is rife.

From negatively attacking a female athletes physique or even her hair, to world champion female athletes travelling 2nd class while the less achieving male athletes travel 1st class, right down to the sheer sexualisation of female athletes via all forms of media as sex objects over athletes.

And it filters right through to this humble blog of mine, where, on the stats page, it shows what people have typed into their search engine to come across my posts. Today’s were, and this is just one days examples:  Athlete p**** seen through uniform. Female Olympians get f*****. Athletes crotch pics 2012 tight uniforms. female athletes p****. Adult women athletes accidental exposure. Close up p**** pics of female athletes at start point…

As always calls it what it is. Read her article here And lets, as a culture, as a world, start to view women as more then sexual objects, rather, as the wonderful talented human beings we really are. Human beings of the same race as men, not as lower class, lower rate citizens with mere body parts. We are whole beings too and deserve to be treated as such.

11 thoughts on “The 2012 Olympics and Sexism

    1. Sure does, you would think sport at such an elite level would hold higher regard for the athletes. And I did see those pictures, it sure does drive the point home, that it is a vulgar way to view women like this. Even comments from men of how men simply couldn’t just wear speedo’s for beach volleyball as things would fall out. So yet again, we must protect mens bodies from such things while leaving womens bodies not only completely vulnerable, yet diminished to just body parts?? It is very sad, here is to more good men standing up for all of our rights to be and feel safe and protected

  1. Right on, sister. I have not been watching the Olympics. I can’t stand them anyway, and the blatant and sickening sexism apparent in them adds to that. I heard from someone that pole-dancing is being considered as an olympic sport…. I seriously hope that never comes to pass. I wonder what’s the best way to make a difference in Olympic portrayal of women and advertising… possibly by writing letters to Olympic sponsors?

    1. It is very disheartening to say the least. and truly shows the extent of this sexualised and pornified culture we are surrounded by. British newspapers like ‘The Sun’ hold great responsibility for this, which is sad when in the hands of a corporation so irresponsible and sexist. This is again why we need regulatory bodies who can and will take a stance. What is the point of sporting commissions who wholeheartedly object to this but are unable to act? it is hard to know where to start, but thankfully we have great people like Melinda T who are highlighting these things and naming who is acting this way in hope of some personal accountability. And us as well, for we will not be silent, we will not sit by and let this sad state of affairs be our world and our future.

  2. Reblogged this on Crossover at Eagles Point and commented:
    O do I ever have thoughts on this whole situaton…
    It shreds and breaks my heart to pieces when I see how adamant the Olympic powers that be had to contemplate how the women would be able to wear as skimpy of bikinis as possible in beach volleyball amidst possible inclimate weather…not to mention the vast inappropriateness of the attire in the first place. The female athletes are nothing more than on soft porn display for the entire world…with some hopes from many men for a little wardrobe malfunction in the heat of action or from some intrusive camera shots. And then to hear the comments and at the office, where people are joking about watching it for no other reason but that they enforce the bikini uniform attire, and not for the sport itself (see Lingerie Football League). I can’t tell you the godly hatred that boils within at this, stirring the crucible of intercession, crushing the heart within.

    I love what Lily said in one of her comments, pointing out the irony of poor regard for the women and the sport itself at its most elite level, as well as the glaring double standard concerning men’s attire (wherein the answer is NOT equalizing by making men’s attire more revealing!).

    I can tell you one thing: this man of God will stand by and defend the dignity of women’s privacy, which belongs only to their husbands and future husbands. I will ever cry out to God despite the hallows of mockery and pornification all around me, where men and women alike willingly embrace this degredation of the fabric of our society and the rape of their own souls.

    [There is no capable forum, writing, speaking or other, in which I can pour out what burns in my bones, save moans and yearnings that cannot be uttered by articulate speech, from the deep of my soul to the deep of God.]

  3. The worrying part, also, are the many types of examples that exist within this one event. It stinks of inequality and double standards – but it’s the continued entrenched perceptions and beliefs that allow these things to remain happening, that truly, truly baffle me.
    Why aren’t more people standing up and saying, “Enough!”? Especially now – when something like The Olympics is on the world stage?
    Keeping fighting the good fight!

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