Keep girls and women in Real sport

Women and girls are in the midst of a cultural sexualisation and exploitation crisis across all spectrums of our lives and impacting us in many harmful ways. According to the Australian Sports commission such sexualised promotions are “reason enough for some girls and women to choose another sport or even no sport at all”. Watch this 40 second video which emphasizes this powerfully Continue reading

Strip club meets bucks night at Sydney Allphones Arena–Oh, I mean Lingerie Football League

For those of you who didn’t get an insiders look at the LFL Promo match at Sydney last night, you missed the cause of equality for female athletes being set back, here are the updates…

Grey team player loses her pants, the mostly male crowd goes wild, they replay it ‘close up’ on the big screen and the crowd cheers. Pink team makes a touchdown, player celebrates by slapping her thighs and making hand gesture of a vagina. An athlete in the crowd says “I’m a sports person and I find this so offensive.” LFL players dance for the men, the men go wild, not unlike a strip club (sounds like strip club sport, looks like strip club sport, equals strip club sport). Three male spectators are invited on the field to chase and tackle one of the LFL players (Melinda Tankard Reist – “in no other sport would crowd be invited onto the field and tackle [grope] a player.”

Collective shout tweet – “sexual harassment of players is accepted and even encouraged at the LFL, how many men’s sports would condone the same?” and asks “is there any protection from sexual harassment in their contratcts?” As Nora Dett tweeted, “Three men tackling one women to the ground is entertaining? Outside the LFL setting that would be a very different story.” One spectator was overheard saying, “nobody goes to this for sport. It’s like saying they go to a strip club to see a good dancer.”

Women in lingerie handing out merchandise to the men in the crowd, the men go crazy. A trialthlete says, “can’t take anymore, leaving” and even free tickets can’t keep some disgusted audience members from leaving. Older female host asks men in crowd so stop stacking their beer cups up, they throw beer on her. Caitlin roper tweets “they claim LFL is about sport, it’s really for men who like seeing women get hurt.” (While having their pants ripped off).

A lot of men getting drunk and becoming more aggresive, yelling at LFL players, this is not promoting women’s equality in sport. LFL player on her way to the VIP lounge nearly grabbed by a pack of men, security has to step in. Blow up doll passed around the crowd, one man simulating oral sex, men boo at attendent who takes it away, remember the whole family was invited. afeministmother tweets “to see the exploitation and abuse of women yet again ‘regulated’ and packaged for the main stream is depressing.”

Melinda Tankard Reist tweets, “wonder what Cory Bernadi thinks of pants down close up replay, 3 men on 1 woman tackle and blow up doll? The LFL still sport Senator?”

During time-outs the LFL tune camera’s onto two women in audience kissing, men go mental. Some men at LFL have paid extra for the party zone, they can ‘stay back, take pics and whatever you want.’ Lap dance anyone?

Remember the LFL contracts prohibit the players from wearing underwear beneath their lingerie uniforms (close up replay of player losing her pants) and the LFL offered special prices for juniors aged 2-12 years.

Sign the petition now to stop the LFL from forming their franchise in Australia next year. The goverment won’t step in, this is up to the Australain people!

To see these tweets and more first hand go to Collective Shout (@CollectiveShout) on Twitter

Thank you so much Changing Women for posting this xx

Changing Women


What began as a form of half time entertainment during Gridiron matches at the super bowl in the US, has now evolved into the successful and controversial Lingerie Football League (LFL), ‘true fantasy football’ according to the website. Now Founder Mitch Mortaza is intent on bringing his franchise to Australia next year.

Yet our Australian Sports Commission (ASC) does not support the LFL nor does Sports Minister Kate Lundy who is strongly opposed, making a public statement that “As Minister for Sport, I can’t abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia.” White Ribbon – Australia’s campaign to stop violence against women, fully support Kate Lundy’s position on the LFL, stating, “White Ribbon denounces initiatives that objectify or exploit women & supports @KateLundy ‘s comments.”

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Men against sexism publish Lingerie Football Article

The wonderful Dr Michael Flood from the Australian ‘men against sexism’ website has published an article on the Lingerie Football League coming to Australia – ‘LFL, what is it really about and do we want it in Australia”

xyonline is a fantastic website for men who desire a just society for both men and women, please check them out on the above link and view the article at

And thank you so much good men of Australia for supporting our campaign to stop the LFL from coming to Australia xx

Sign petition here

Sports Minister Kate Lundy calls Lingerie Football League an “assault on sport”

 As Minister for Sport, I can’t abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia.

Austalian Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy, has published an article on saying among many things, that:

It offends me that the promoters are hiding behind the guise of LFL being a ‘sport’. Lingerie Football objectifies and exploits women by trading on their sexuality to make money pure and simple. The LFL perverts the concept of ‘sport’ to make a profit and in doing so the promoters abandon the concept that sport should be a celebration of great athletic talent to inspire the next generation of kids to give it a go.

Thank you Kate Lundy for finally speaking up about this sexually gratuitous spectacle under the guise of empowering women in sport.

However the Lingerie Football League Founder Mitch Mortaza is not impressed, tweeting earlier on his discovery of the Sports Ministers thoughts on the LFL, that;

 My office issuing a statement shortly to respectfully address PM of Sport Kate Lundy’s irresponsible and insulting comments. #LFL <>

Many Australians support what our Sports Minister has said, we do not want the sexploitation of the LFL in Australia. It’s time to think of our children, teenagers and the rest of the women in our society outside of the LFL, as Kate Lundy says:

“We can do so much better than LFL. And most importantly, our daughters deserve more.”

To read more of Kate Lundy’s article go to

And if you haven’t already, sign the petition, let your voice be heard Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

For more info go to

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Queensland Premiers advice over Lingerie Football League; “voice your concerns to LFL in the USA.” But Mr. Premier, we are in Australia…

So what are we to do?

The Australian Sports Association (ASC), in response to concerns for the Lingerie Football League in Australia, stated that their work includes

“promoting the Essence of Australian Sport initiative which defines the core principles of sport in Australia – Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Safety. Your concerns of Lingerie Football being detrimental to the image of female elite athletes, community and amateur athletes are appreciated. The Commission does not recognise Lingerie Football and therefore does not provide any support to this organisation or the sport.”

And directed my concerns to the Australian government.

Today I recieved my first and only response from a member of Australian Parliament, the Honourable Campbell Newman, thank you Mr Newman for responding, however, when I contacted you I expressed that “whilst the ASC  may not consider LFL a ‘sport’, the government should still hold the same responsibilities to its people as set out by the ASC on there government website on sexploitation. And Mr. Newman’s Response was:

Please be assured that the Queensland Government does not recognise lingerie football as a sport, and does not provide any support to the LFL. You may voice your concerns on this issue directly to the event promoter

This seems to be what’s called ‘passing the buck’ to me. And I really can’t see the LFL in America listening to li’l ole me in Australia when they don’t even pay wages, medical bills or provide proper protective clothing for what is a full contact sport to the women they ’employ’.

What is clear out of both the ASC and Premier Newmans responses is that this is up to us, the Australian people.

If you do not want Lingerie Football League in Australia, the only way to stop it is to petition all corporate hosts, sponsors and promoters to withdraw all support for the LFL so that it does not go ahead in Australia. Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

For more information on the LFL and how to stop it from coming to Australia go to and

This is about as sexist as it gets

Today’s Herald Sun featured an article by Australian women’s activist and co-founder Melinda Tankard Reist, reiterating all the reasons we should not let Lingerie Football League (LFL) come to Australia.

WHEN a man plays gridiron – or American football – he is dressed for maximum protection to ensure safety in a game known for its raw physicality. His body is covered, with little exposed flesh, to minimise injury.

It’s not the kind of game a man would consider playing in his underwear. That would just be dumb, right? But it seems rules are different if you are a woman playing for the Lingerie Football League (LFL). The less clothing the better. In fact, it’s a requirement of the game.

LFL is blatant sexualisation and sexism, while promoting violence towards near naked, physically unprotected women, with outrageous clauses for maximum boob and bum exposure with little or no pay and the whole family is invited!

Brisbane Entertainment Centre and Allphones Arena Sydney are offering family tickets for two adults and two juniors aged two to 12 years. Never too early to teach children what women are good for.

Yet fan’s of the sport must think it’s credible right, that they are watching real female athletes?

One male sports blogger says LFL is “the closest we will get to live stadium porno” and admitted: “I just would never go to a game to watch their athletic talent.”

Melinda goes on to rightly assert:

This exploitation of women’s bodies for profit undermines real sportswomen. Mainstreaming stripper-style representations of women – including in sport – sets back the cause of equality and fair treatment.

CONTINUING to depict women in sexualised roles – including on the sports field – dashes our hopes of growing a generation of empowered young women. It reinforces the notion that if a young woman wants to play sport she has to bare her flesh and be publicly sexual. Already many girls avoid playing sport because of body-image concerns.

Fortunately, the Australian Sports Commission does not recognise lingerie football. It says the LFL does not adhere to the “core principles of sport in Australia – fairness, respect, responsibility and safety”.

However, it can’t do anything to stop it. That’s why we have to. are calling for all corporate sponsors including the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Allphones Stadium Sydney, Telecafe, Seven Yahoo, Yahoo Sports and Triple M to withdraw all support for these events so they do not go ahead.

Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy is also being lobbied to intervene. Tell these companies that trading in the bodies of underpaid semi-naked women who risk injury for male entertainment does not constitute sport.

Sign the petition and stop Lingerie Football League  from coming to Australia.

Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia

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Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia updates

It’s been 3 days since the LFL petition went up and already more than 600 signatures, 1 promoter has pulled out and today the Herald Sun | Latest Melbourne & Victoria News | HeraldSun ran an article on the petition called Outcry over Lingerie Football League’s planned Australian visit’ More at

And last look, just as many men are signing as women, thank you good men for speaking up also. Let’s keep the momentum going. Australia does not need another organisation that sexualises and exploits women, as Dr Eileen Zurbriggen member of the American Psychological Association Task Force reminds us, “As a society, we need to replace all these sexualized images with ones showing girls in positive settings. The goal should be to deliver messages to all adolescent boys and girls that lead to healthy sexual development”.

America has Gridiron, we have Rugby league, and we are a large female footy playing nation already, with teams vying for the Women’s Rugby League World Cup | Facebook (ok, so not me, more of the creative type who tends to have butter fingers around balls, but). Let’s give these female athletes of Australian football some focus instead, they warrant the air time far more than the latest sexploitation-money-machine out of America. Australian Womens Rugby League – SportingPulse

If you haven’t signed already, do so now and tell people you know. It only takes 1 minute for your voice to be heard. Stop the Lingerie Football League in Australia For more information go to: