Photographic Evidence 2 – offensive

The following photos are of  Category 1 pornographic publication covers, also found in many retail outlets at children’s eye level, which include titles such as Penthouse, Barely Legal, Finally Legal, 18, Petite, etc.  According to the guidelines, these magazines are ‘Not available to persons under 18 years.  Not to be sold in Queensland (Ed note: But sometimes they are!)….may offend some sections of the adult community. Material classified ‘Category 1 – Restricted’ must be distributed in a sealed wrapper.  Covers must be suitable for public display.  Category 1 – Restricted Covers:  As for ‘Unrestricted’.  These Category 1 publications are often also displayed beside the lolly’s and icecreams.  Furthermore, in a letter from the Classification Board to Say No 4 Kids, it was pointed out that the term ‘offensive’ is defined on Page 17 of the Guidelines as: ‘Material which causes outrage or extreme disgust…’.  (So you can’t just be a ‘little bit’ disgusted!  You have to be EXTREMELY disgusted!)  Again, the current law allows not only highly sexualised ’lads mags’ and ‘unrestricted M15+’ to be displayed in front of children, but Category 1 18+ as found below.

(F.Y.I: Material Classified ‘Category 2 – Restricted’ may not be publicly displayed and may only be displayed in premises that are restricted to adults.)

The photographs below are of shop displays containing Category 1 pornographic magazine covers.  Again, all of this in full view and easy access of children,

pic 1 – A porn display including explicit DVD covers near the counter, beside the chocolate bars, above the daily newspapers and in full view and access of children in a service station. pic 2 – Involuntary exposure. Everyone must walk past (or stand in front if there’s a queue!) to get to the counter. pic 3 – The backs of porn mags through outside window at service station. pic 4 – At KIDS eyelevel just inside the door. pic 5 and 6 – R Rated and sealed, but still in front of children. pic 7 – Porn amongst children’s comic books and Who Weekly. pic 8 – Nothing wrong with this beside Scooby Doo and Who Weekly, according to our law makers and retailers. pic 9 – The daily newspapers sit underneath this porn display near the door at children’s eye level in this service station.

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2 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence 2 – offensive

  1. Uh…. Don’t know about in Australia, but it seems to me here in the US some of those constitute child porn… that’s horrifying! The stuff on our magazine covers that are put in the candy aisle/check out aisle aren’t nearly as bad as these, but still considered offensive enough that most supermarkets/grocery stores here have “family friendly” checkout stands that have no magazines. I’ve seen some other blog sites by women from australia and it seems that either the porn culture is even worse there than here (didn’t think that was possible) or it is just more overt and the porn culture here has gotten better at going “underground” and hiding. Either way, it’s disgusting. But this is pretty brazen. Wow!

    1. It is shocking isn’t it, and terribly wrong!Here they don’t allow images like this in work places (where you have to be over 14 and 9months to work) under the sex discrimination act, and cigerettes are now all kept in closed cupboards behind the counter so you can’t see them, yet walk into a newsagent, cornerstore, takeaway shop and supermarket here and they are at the front with newspapers and women’s day etc, always near the counter in full view of women and (at eye level of) children, and yes these pictures are extreme! It is a form of child abuse and detrimental to women. We don’t get a choice. If men want to buy these mags, (it’s quite sickly but) ok, but they have that choice, we don’t have a choice of being inundated with it.
      The supermartkets have magazine sections in the stationarey isles where kids frequent also, do we really need to sell porn in our supermarkets where families, women and children buy groceries? It begs many many questions. It’s outragous! these magazines should be out of view, but apparently they don’t want to cause men shame by having to ask for these mags, forget about the shame it causes to women and children who have no choice. Things need to change, sometimes you don’t know where to begin. I have raised my son with education on this and other matters concerning sexism and sexist images of women, and when grocery shopping and we get to these mags I always cover them with ‘womens day’ etc. in takeawwy stores and cornerstores i do the same, cover them straight away in full view of anyone and I don’t care what other customers or the owners/management/staff think, they certainly have no concern for my son and I or the rest of us. I am raising a good man, I have taught him of respect and honour for women all his 13 years so far and I am showing him you stand up for things that are wrong.
      The say no for kids petition can be signed by anyone anywhere, these are concerned mothers and they’d love your signiture too

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